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We Love Our Joyful Hearts Families!

Nicole Kipriotis Haddock

5 stars.png

We are sooo grateful for Joyful Hearts for bringing our sweet Milo into our family's lives! They were so kind and very knowledgeable about the Australian Labradoodle breed. They were able to answer any questions we had and were very supportive with texts and phone calls after bringing home our new pup! Being crate-trained and almost completely house-trained, it made the process so much easier on us. Milo is so smart and loving!! The best decision we ever made!! We highly recommend Joyful Hearts!! Ms. Patty and Ms. Terri are the best!


Zac Burton

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We had an amazing experience and were always kept up to date on the health and wellness of our beautiful puppy! I highly recommend Joyful Hearts to anyone in search of a perfect little companion.

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Talita, Brian, Isabella, & Luca

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I had no idea that I could fit this much love in my heart. 

My kids have been asking for a dog for as long as they’ve been able to speak. My daughter’s first laugh was while watching a dog jump up and down in front of a window. 

But for many years I didn’t feel ready to add on the work and responsibility that I expected a pet would require. 

A few years ago, we started occasionally taking care of a few of our friends’ dogs so that my kids could have some of the experience of having a pet but without the long term commitment, and we got a sense of what life would be like with a furry family member. 

Well, I’ve heard people say many times that the right dog finds you. Now I know exactly what that means. We had a few tries with adoption and other breeds before reaching Patty, and thankfully our search ended when we found Joyful Hearts. 

Ginger is the perfect dog for our family. She is agile, smart, energetic and fun. She is also cuddly, sweet, calm and affectionate. 

She’s been with us for two weeks, but I can’t imagine life without her. 

Patty gave her so much love in the first few months of her life and truly gave her the best start in life. She was amazing in giving us updates and doing video calls so that our kids could see the puppies often. Ginger’s parents are healthy, loved and well cared-for dogs. 

We are so happy with this experience and couldn’t recommend Patty and Joyful Hearts more. Someday Ginger will need a sibling and we know exactly where to go.

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It was an odyssey to find the puppy that my children and I were looking for.  From the beginning, knowing the information that professional breeders need to have to assign a puppy to a family, I prepared an email with all the information about my family and our previous puppy, our daily routines, what kind of home we have, how much love would be receiving our new puppy, revealing in detail what kind of life our new four-legged member would have.

So with that information I contacted practically all the members of the Club of America Association, more than half responded with an automatic reply email, requesting the same information they already had in my email.  Others who responded asked for money up front without having litters to cover my needs, they definitely didn’t bother to read my message.

Others responded simply saying that they would soon have a puppy so I had to make the deposit, which I did, but when they were born they wanted to give me a puppy that did not meet what I was looking for and they only got angry because they wanted to force me to choose a puppy that was not  For me, neither the size, nor the color and neither the sex was what I was looking for, again they had not read my message.

Patty from Joy Ful Hearts Labradoodles was the ONLY one who read my entire message from the beginning.  She always showed great interest in helping my son find the puppy that she was looking for.  From the birth of the puppies she always kept us updated on how he was doing, although she never promised to give us the puppy we wanted, since we were in position 4 on the waiting list, she always showed a lot of interest.  When it was time to choose the puppy, Patty made an effort to assign us the puppy we wanted, she spoke with one of those who were at the top of the list to explain Carlos’s situation and this person very kindly left us the puppy that  we wanted.

We are infinitely grateful to Patty for being a professional person at what she does, I can tell you with great confidence that surely Patty is one of the top 5 breeders in the entire country, and most likely the best.  Look no further, contact Patty before contacting any other breeder.

Best of all

Sophia Belle

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Patty is the most responsible, loving, caring caretaker of dogs we’ve ever met. She loves her puppies dearly, ensuring their safety, health, and happiness even beyond passing them onto their adopted homes. We FaceTimed throughout the entire journey before picking him up at her home, where the puppies have their own play room! I couldn’t refer her more!

Jae-P Champlin

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Joyful hearts is a wonderful top notch breeder. Patty loves all the pups as if they were her own. She didn’t hesitate to FaceTime even on the very first call. She was willing to show her home and how all the pups were interacting. She was informative, professional and very down to earth. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone interested in getting an Australian labradoodle.

Brenda Bellomo

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Patty was amazing and so helpful during this process. She kept us updated throughout the waiting period. We adopted Carlos and he’s a wonderful, smart, chill dog. I highly recommend Joyful Hearts 💕!

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Cindy Speas

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Patty is the best! She loves the pups as if they are her own. I would not get such an outstanding breed of dog elsewhere. She FaceTimed us weekly so we could talk to our pup, which truly helped with identifying her name. When we took our pup home she responded to her name. I truly believe this is because we were able to FaceTime our sweet Fin weekly. The care and love she has for her dogs is indescribable.

Jeremy Rohen

5 stars.png

Our family picked up “Bailey” last week and are so excited to have him a part of the family! Friends had adopted a puppy from Patty and said we couldn’t go wrong…wow where the right! Patty is a truly exceptional professional! Her patience with our questions as first time adopters was amazing. Bailey was so well adjusted when we picked him up; it was clear how kind and loving an environment he was born into! Thanks, Joyful Hearts and Patty!!!

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Kelly Scalamoni Barozzini

5 stars.png

Patty provided the most amazing experience. She allowed us to be a part of every step along the way. From the beginning she texted updates, answered all my calls, sent photos and videos and FaceTime calls. Our puppy was so loved by her. Patty raises healthy and happy puppies. We are so grateful for her.

Cassie Dean

5 stars.png

We couldn’t be more happy with our experience with Joyful Hearts. Everything went very smooth and Patty is awesome. We are in love with our new puppy. I would highly recommend getting a puppy from Joyful Hearts if you are looking for a mini Australian labradoodle.

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Sara Robertson

5 stars.png

We had a very positive experience with Joyful Hearts and wholeheartedly recommend them. From our very first phone call with Patty before our puppy was even born, to Facetime with the puppies while they were in their whelping box, to training advice now that our puppy is in our home with us – we couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Julie Dillard Duke

5 stars.png

Bentley is the most precious ❤️ ever. Best disposition, loves everyone, no fears, housebroken @ 5 months – true dream dog. You can tell he was raised with love!

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Kathy Pugal

5 stars.png

These puppies are raised in a wonderful loving environment. They are one of the best bred Labradoodles in the country. Patti truly loves taking care of these puppies from birth to adoption and does it with a wealth of knowledge and love for these dogs. I would highly recommend Joyful Hearts.

Mike Sanchez

5 stars.png

Raised with lots of love and care. Top notch and very clean environment. Highly recommend

Mary Hawthrone Dentrone

5 stars.png

These pups come from a home where love for them abounds! They are well cared for Physically and emotionally! Nothing is spared to provide excellent care for them till they find their new family!

K Rudino

5 stars.png

Had a wonderful experience with Patty, she is one of the best breeders we have worked with. We love our new baby, Hudson!! Highly recommend this breed as well, very smart!

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Paul Delucia

5 stars.png

I would recommend Joyful Hearts to anyone I know. Patty loves all of her pups and treats them with love from the moment they are born. She goes over and beyond other breeders out there. She is a gift to the breeding community. You will not find a more dedicated, loving first home for your puppy. The caring continues after you get your puppy home. She checks in and gives pointers if needed. Wish I could give 10 stars!

Tim Wilken

5 stars.png

Patty is very caring of the pups ans very attentive to the needs of her clients. We got our pup and she is beautiful. She is so well behaved ans Patty FaceTimed with us weekly so we could see her growing and see the environment she was raised. Such a sweetheart. Both our puppy and Patty.

Jenny Peoples

5 stars.png

We got our first Australian Labradoodle from Patty and I can’t say enough about what a wonderful, responsible, accredited breeder she is. Our puppy is healthy and very well adjusted. If you are looking for someone with impeccable breeding practices and care for the pups, Joyful Hearts Australian Labradoodles is the place!


5 stars.png

What a great experience. We were nervous getting a new dog after our passed. But Patricia was very kind and kept in contact with us throughout the while purpose. We are so happy.

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