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Become a Guardian

Joining our guardian program is a unique and special way to make one of our elite Australian Labradoodles part of your family! Here is a quick breakdown of how the program works:

  • You will fill out an application to ensure you are a good fit and meet all the requirements (listed below) needed to become a guardian.

  • When the application is approved, you will put down a $500 deposit.

  • You will welcome one of our female Australian Labradoodles into your loving home.

  • You will keep a close eye on her cycles and notify us so that we can breed her up to 3-4 times.

  • You will be responsible for her health and well-being, and at the end of her breeding process, we will pay for all necessary cost to have her spayed. 

  • Your $500 deposit will be returned, and you will then get to keep her fur-ever!

Guardian Home Requirements

You will be responsible for providing a loving home, one where your puppy can enjoy life as part of your family.

You will also be responsible for their health, including routine veterinarian care with check-ups, vaccinations, monthly heartworm and flea & tick prevention.

Provide well-rounded training: a well-trained pup is a happy pup and owner!

Provide quality, nutritious and delicious dog food to keep your puppy at optimal health.

Provide regular brushing and grooming to prevent your puppy from getting matts on her beautiful coat.

Provide regular exercise to promote good health for her body and strengthen your bond through walks and playtime!

Ready to become a guardian?

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